Winds of Change – Eco Luxury in Couture Fashion with a Soul

Linda Loudermilk Spring 2011 Collection








Just when we thought that Eco fashion was about comfortable shoes and Tent Dresses, think again. The beautiful designs of Couture designer Linda Loudermilk, have changed this fashionista’s point of view.  First of all, her background is in costume design, textiles and theater, things we relate to here at Stylist Privee so we know she has the soul,  spirit and a sense of Drama we really admire.  But, most importantly, she is committed to developing sustainable practices in her work, that encourages other designers to embrace the concept, that Luxury, can be eco-sensitive, and chic, as well. She is politically active in improving drinking water, a campaign that many companies can get behind, and her related licensed products are designed to raise money and awareness for these campaigns.

In reviewing her collections, there is outlets for her diverse audience.  Beautiful and Chic Red Carpet gowns, (her signature line) and denim collections for men and women as well as a new line of corporate sportswear for the eco-friendly company.

Her company is an example as to how a luxury laden industry can embrace the concept of Luxury, with a sense of responsibility, and community.