Oh for the Love of Shoes: Spring 2010

Go towards the light. 

Yes, its spring and I am already beginning to express my Shoe Obsession by gazing at the delightful collections that are arriving now.  Let me simply say, that in the world of fashion, shoes, and bags, are what can make a girl’s heart skip a beat. Let’s face it: in this economy, a full wardrobe of clothes each season is simply not possible for most of us. What makes our khakis, and spring black staples in the closet really work, is a new pair of extraordinary shoes that simply say, Spring. My shoe obsession usually begins with the Maestro et Monsieur Laboutin who would rank as my favorite. As a “artist” for the foot, he manages to walk that fine line between trends and sheer classic shapes that make everyone’s legs look amazing. The right height of the heel, the curvature on the foot, the correct platform height, and finally, his flights of fancy are like inspiring works of art.  He sets the pace for everyone else.  Many designer shoes, are simply reinforcing their brand positioning, which, means that the wearer, is just wearing a brand name, not, a shoe. These are sexy, neutral, slinky high-heeled choices that will work with black, white, neutrals, cremes, pinks, beige, Khaki, and give your foot a vacation I know it deserves.