She’s Elegant, She does a Mean Waltz, she’s Spring Dior Show 2010

At Christian Dior Spring Collections:  There she was, the country girl with an attitude. First, she enters in her riding outfit: elegant, poised, contained in her riding jacket, top hat and side wrapped skirts. Then, taking a page from Christian Dior Archives, Galliano created a hushed silence as his ball room creations entered the salon.  With Drama, and his characteristic flair, the gowns were like a poetry of extremes and delicious wraps of silk and satin that brought to mind Dior’s historic New Look. Monsieur Galliano has presented a moment in time, a historical yet fresh take on the Classic Dior. Does it matter that he’ll only make just a few of these gowns? No, not really, the sheer theatrical significance of the colors, shapes, and fabric just take us to a whole new place in Galliano’s imagination.