Fall 2010 Preview: Its a Wrap

We know that its hard to even think about Fall, at this stage in the game. Summer fun is in full swing, but, let’s face it, the collections are out, and, we’ve got to plan ahead.  We’ll be posting some of the trends coming up, so, you can take a break, from the sun, and think ahead!  These are perfect for business, sexy pieces you can mix around, and, even, dare we say it, wear out at night.

Trend: Wrapping, and, draping which she has achieved, and, few can match, at the top of her game. 

The wrapping is poetry in Donna’s skilled hands, and is quietly sexy, a welcome change from the Clothes we are seeing now that are a bit on the well, dare we say it, “showy” side. These quietly elegant clothes are perfect for the power business women, and, anyone who wants investment dressing. These last almost a lifetime, and in fashion years, that’s several seasons.

These collections are available at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodmans, and selected retailers. We don’t advertise for them, we just like to let you know where you might look!

Stylist Privee


ARTIFICE is a film, television and commercial stylist with a background in arts and culture and film/media. In addition, her independent agency develops writing projects, blogs and bring together luxury brands with charity fundraising. Recently merged with Kaleidoskope Media (kaleidoskopetravel.com) a travel media platform. The platform aims to raise awareness and fundraise while curating travel experiences around the world.

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