Getting Glowing: The Guerlain Bronzer and the Perfect Toes

In Paris, a girl doesn’t get much of a tan, so, she has to resort to the best in the biz. The Guerlain Bronzer, is the classic, and, can’t be replaced in our humble opinion for the summer.

It now comes in about 8 shades, so, there is a tan for every complexion.  Personally, I love to take out this beautiful tortoise case, and, sweep away on my cheeks, neck and decollete, and secret tip: the tops of your shoulders! The Kabuki shaped brush is the best, and, Guerlain has provided one for you, but any soft brush will do!

Now, truthfully, girls, you don’t need the sun, and, if you do it right, you can apply this over your favorite moisturizer, sunscreen, or foundation, and, achieve the “la Bronze Francaise” which is safe for your skin. Why age, when, you can bronze?

We think the only other thing you need, is some deep charcoal, black or navy eyeliner, that’s it, and, don’t forget the gloss, and, the Nouvelle Vague Toes, which are the rage of summer!

Stylist Privee