Dior Fall Collections: Paris Nights

The Delights of Dior are to be found in every collection, and, often American magazine writers mistake the delicious fantasies for real fashion.  No, the sensibility of French Couture is that Fashion, is an art, a delightful romp into a vision of a dreamer.  Theater. Opera. Movies. All great influences for the French Couture business. Just breathtaking, and designed to simply ‘stop’ our breath.

Once inside the shop, (the Christian Dior Boutique) on Avenue Montaigne (I was there during a fashion night party) you’ll experience the more everyday things that proper French ladies come to depend on: Bags, shoes, coats, and skirts, blouses, and other well-crafted separates that a proper lady simply must have.  Fur vests, worn over delicious Italian cashmere and mixed with tweed skirts that fold over into wraps, or are sky-high short. These are lady like clothes that the teen audience won’t buy. They are decidedly committed to the Dior shoes and bags. So, what’s a girl to do?  Simply sit back, and enjoy the ride, as the runway is where the dreams are made, before they reach your store.  We suggest, that, you relax, have a glass of champagne, and, enjoy what the French are so good at: Fantasy, Imagination and Impossible Dreams that are made for the Royal Princess in all of us.