CHANEL’s Birthday Wish: Go Forth and Be Fabulous

She was unique. Dashing. Forward thinking. Empowering. That was, Chanel. With her birthday happening this month, its no wonder we wanted to take a moment to celebrate this extraordinary women. Her life and her art were integrated into one grand experience and women everywhere admired her and her workers were terrified of her. She was exacting, demanding, precise. What did she do, that other houses of couture simply could not grasp? That a woman could if she dared, play both sides of the fence. She didn’t have to rest as one image, she could, be explore the masculine side of femininity; the feminine side of being tailored. There was a dash of the theatrical, the circus, the horsewoman, and the elements of a Watteau painting. The love of the decorative arts that is the soul of Paris is also hers. She designed jewelry and motifs from architecture outside her window, or from her experiences in Deauville in the south of France. Chanel is fashion. Fragrance, a lifestyle, a point of view. A Chanel women, is all things, to herself, first, then, she is everything that a women wants to be: daring, explorative, sensual, girlish, and, sophisticated. She is Legendary.