Paris Accessories Trends: Return of the Ladylike Bag with new Designs for Spring 2011

New and fresh designs from Paula Cademartori, shows that the trends in spring bags are not about elegance and, ladylike, shapes
 but, cross-seasonal.  Although we love the idea of spring colors, its nice to know we can invest in a bag that will go all the way to the summer, its coloration a hint of what’s to come.  Paula’s designs are varied, and, we’ll bring you more styles as well. The workmanship is just as well done as any top Couture bag, made in Italy of the finest leather, and hardware that is also like jewelry.  The designer herself is creative, artistic, and, completely free of any pre-conceived notions about designer bags. Quite frankly, we love that no one knows about these bags, we just can’t wait to get one!


ARTIFICE is a film, television and commercial stylist with a background in arts and culture and film/media. In addition, her independent agency develops writing projects, blogs and entertainment as well as consults for digital media in the luxury markets in advertising and marketing. Her events also bring together luxury brands and charity fundraising. Los Angeles. Paris.

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