The Royal Wedding: The World of the Perfect Glove

I recently met Genevieve James, Design Director at her company, Cornelia James which, is one of the last glove makers in the world.  Small wonder that her mother, who was designated as the glove maker to the Queen was the creator of the many beautiful gloves we have seen on both the Queen Mum, and, the rest of the Royal family. 

This latest announcement of the Royal Wedding has my friend who makes gloves, in England, no doubt, completely happy.  Her gloves are divine, gracing the hands of the likes of Madonna, and other celebrities and finally, created for the Queen herself.  I eagerly await the news of how her gloves will become an important part of the upcoming Royal Wedding.

But, all is not well in the world of gloves.  People have forgotten just how a glove should be made, in a fine fabric with the perfect fit. The  Cornelia James gloves have just the right cut, and, the variety of fabrics are divine.  I stood for quite a while at the booth during Fashion Week and tried many of them on.  I learned a great deal about the cut, fabric, and, styling of the perfect glove.  Let’s just say, that, they are the last sexy accessory a women can wear on the street. Madonna, gets it. Her black point d’esprit gloves showed up in a video and in W Magazine and were the height of Sexy. A women’s power, right there, in a glove. The velvets, the shiny satins, sheer nettings and ruffles, are just the things that make lingerie sexy. Its lingerie for  your hands. Very heady stuff.  There was a time when a women’s hat, and gloves showed her inner character off, her tastes, her elegance. This upcoming Royal wedding will not only be a showcase for fashion, but, also, a wonderful new revival of the glove.  Watch this space, and,  we’ll share with you how this wonderful art form will transform the entire look of this Royal wedding in a really interesting way.