GOLDEN GLOBES 2010: Where is Bjork when you Need Her?

The Golden Globes are always filled with predictions for fashion trends and lessons learned. With the “pre-quel” to the red carpet fashions of the Academy Awards, the trends of the day are on display from top to toe.  Elegance, finally, has returned to the red carpet, but, for those of us who are longing for the large “DUCK” dress worn by Bjork or a comical outfit usually sported by Celine Dion, this year might be a bit on the dull side.  But, wait, there’s HELENA BONHAM CARTER, who never disappoints us!  The trends we have seen that we can look forward to for the AWARDS SEASON…The good, the bad and the ugly….and, please don’t tell us about our work out program….we’re over it!

The not so good….
  • Black, Black Black….Well, its a basic but why ?  Its LA, and, 74 degrees.
  • Fishtails…bit too much dress for our taste, too formal for an event like this
  • Too many ruffles and fussy details, to overwhelm and under-achieve
  • Dresses that are too “old” for young girls…why?
  • Dresses that are too “young” for older women…oops.  
  • Cheesecake dresses…to much of everything….
  • The dresses that wear….the wearer….
Best Trends:
  • Elegance and Dressing up in LA….Start your engines
  • Beautiful  Accessories and handbags…rockin’ the carpet!
  • Strapless and simple, chic, and elegant.  No fuss, no muss. 
  • Mystery and Elegance..
  • Wearing Sleeves like you mean it! 
  • Amazing Jewels….that don’t overdo…
Check us later for our pick of the photos and top 5 we think rocked it! 

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