The Magical Forest of Hermes: Where the Ultimate Bag Lives

There it was, in full glory.  No, not the bag, but, the fox, sitting silently next to the leather bag that cost the price of a small pied-a-terre in Paris.  For those of you who are animal rights activists, best not to read on, and, I don’t want to further upset you.  But, as it stands, the window displays in the HERMES shop near the Champs Elysees were nothing short of spectacular, magical, and, yes, filled with furry creatures.  Le Bois, or, the “Forest” is where many furry creatures live who end up becoming bags, shoes, coats, fur collars, and other such things that we humans have been wearing since time began. I will just say, that, as a rule, STYLIST PRIVEE is not about putting little soft furry animals into terrible circumstances where they might be hurt or injured. We are huge animal fans and love the FAUX and the REAL, mostly, the vintage kind.   We were astonished by the full throttle magical displays, the unique and unusual, the extraordinary and the luxury.  Traditionalists and Fashionistas can tell you that to own any piece by the great house of HERMES is beyond fashion.  We are always interested in trends, and, certainly, we’re all about finding the next BIG THING. But, HERMES is above it all.  Quietly resting in the forest, waiting for someone to come along….and marvel. 

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