SHOES SHOES SHOES: will we ever get enough? Paris Spring Report 2011

 Got shoes?

Just a reminder that the Spring Season is here, and, there will be shoes. Lots of them. Here’s what we think the Spring Trends are, based on our “Preview” in Paris during the Spring collections:

  • The new lower heel
  • The “anti-logo shoe”
  • The hand-crafted shoe
  • The Red-Carpet Shoe
  • The Killer Shoe
  • The Return of “Sabrina”
  • The Flat’s Revival
  • The Vintage Spin-Around

We didn’t spot a dull shoe among them, so, those of you looking for comfort, better hold onto your “crocs” because this is not your mother’s shoes….my dear!

NOTE:   See our blog roll for some of our favorite shoe “haunts”