Oscar warm up event, the SAG AWARDS was just a dream, 15 years ago when we began styling, now, its huge popularity has given the talent a way to rehearse.

Our top picks for “Best Dressed” are true Winter Formals, many other dresses were a jump on spring, and, not appropriate for a Winter Red Carpet season.

  • Our top Picks, shown at right, are the epitome of Hollywood glamour, age appropriate, a touch of sexiness, and, beautiful workmanship in the gowns themselves.  Simply, glamour, with a capital “H” for Hollywood.  
  • Lace, Lace, Lace, and beautiful Lace was a Winter favorite. 
  • Black, sexy lines, and beautiful shapes sculpted the figures
  • Sheer Sexy reveal, with covered elegance that was untouchable
  • Color pop, in Tina’s dress was great for her coloring. 
  • Hair styles were simple, elegant, and gorgeous. 
  • Accessories did not overpower the looks, but added to glamour. 
  • A Sexy Italiaan note to “Classic Hollywood” in the Blue, “Sophia Lauren” look. 
The Red Carpet gowns that didn’t make the cut, were numerous, and showed that the carpet can have its pitfalls.  
The Season is just getting started, we can’t wait for the games, to really begin.