Its not every day we can talk about luxury in the same breath as  eco-friendly . This is the exception to the rule, as this sandal is not only designed  with hand-made quality and  luxury materials its also planet friendly.  The Del Rio London Sandal, is, in fact, an interesting mixture of chic, luxe and ECO sensitive attributes that make it perfect for now.

Linda Del Rio, the designer, has thought of everything.  Its a luxury brand  because the sandal, itself, goes back centuries to ancient Spain.  The artisans make each sandal  by hand. The materials are re-cycled leathers, and, get this:  the soles are made of re-cycled rubber tires.  Yup. you heard it right, tires.  How does this all hang together?
At STYLIST PRIVEE we are always on the look-out for a shoe that is not only chic but comfortable. It comes with the  job, as we’re on our feet for hours and hours.  Imagine our delight when we discovered a sandal that not only had a comfort factor, but, was such a simple concept done in a LUXE style that we were thrilled.  These sandals are not available in the US quite yet, so if you want to see them in person, you’ll have a wait a bit.  We’re happy to play our part for the good of the planet, our feet, and, in the name of  STYLE, so, we’re spreading the news about the DEL RIO LONDON SANDAL right here, right now.   You’ll thank us later.