LANVIN: Best in Show

Without Much ADO, we’ll just say it. Lots of fuss about nothing these days in the Paris shows…so much needs to be re-devised there, with designers who are either IN or OUT. Some fashion houses continue to deliver, but, others, are just out of gas, literally.  Our favorite still remains the house of LANVIN, where chic, simple desires are met with gorgeous fabrics and cut.  Elber Albaz is always fresh, and knowing what a women wants, and when you get dressed you’re not creating a look that will be dead by the next season.  That’s the best part,  you can continue to invest, mix, match, create your own looks and still be fresh. Most couture designers are all about the Red Carpet, and, we’re certainly fans.  But, could we just leave our homes, get into our cars, and not feel like we’re overwhelmed with too much?  That’s what LANVIN clothes are about, that’s ELBER, the man we adore.  

I recently stepped into the LANVIN boutique in MALIBU, brand spanking new and complete with elegant furnishings for your boyfriend to sit down and recover from the prices, though he’ll agree you look amazing.  Yes, right there, two minutes from the OCEAN where no one really gets dressed, in anything more than designer jeans, t-shirts and platforms, don’t forget the Designer bag.  That’s it.  And there we were, surrounded by the most elegant and chic “casual” clothes that could go to dinner in a restaurant next to the ocean, albeit, with a t-shirt added, bare legs and a sandal. That’s the genius of Lanvin right now.  I can wear that stiffened 50s skirt with  a t-shirt and sandals, pair of earrings. Done.  I was so inspired with the clothes for Fall, I can’t wait to get into spring where the looks are lighter, a bit less formal, and, still in my favorite shades of black, creme, silver and white.  All of the reviews are in, and, might we say, we’re in line for the “jawdropingly beautiful” reviews by Pop (*head over there for the complete slide show)

We think you’ll agree that few American Sportswear designers, can accomplish this beauty and ease.  Our only thought is that Donna Karan…in her early years achieved as much.