Hello, Red Carpet season!  Let the games begin!

Reese is sizzling on the carpet here, very blonde, beachy, and Los Angeles but let’s review:  Why are the girls trying to match and compete with the carpet? Wouldn’t a designer who is smart (Zac Posen) advise that on camera, a red dress just blends in with the carpet, and, well, takes over the wearer? 
While the dress is nice, the purpose of a red carpet dress is to shine ON the carpet, not WITH the carpet. Sadly, the cut is beautiful, fabric beautiful, but the carpet is a platform and backdrop, designed to showcase what is glamorous and beautiful about Hollywood.  
Its a backdrop, girls, not the “center attraction”.  Oddly, it seems as if the Scarlet O’Hara “curtain dress” has appeared again here, only this time, its the carpet, that’s become the dress, not the drapes from that famous window. 
“Reel Style for Reel Life”
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