New Color for 2012: Tangerine

Oh Joy, Oh Rapture:  Tangerine is the new color for 2012 according to PANTONE.  
We have it on good authority that the fashion industry was well ahead of this somewhat conservative body of color experts.  Some of us even have friends who have always been committed to this color (you know who you are). Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s discuss what this color really means to the rest of us who only just arrived.   A few tangerine facts:  Steve Jobs put out a Tangerine computer back in the 1990s.  Where was Pantone then?  Oh, and Hermes, that storied brand that is very French and has been selling this color for decades;  already on board. Have you seen a Hermes bag in this lovely shade of orange fetching upwards of 35,000 dollars in price on special order?  Seems like the color is already a classic, but finally has reached the mainstream.  That’s really the story here.  When a color like tangerine, reaches the minds of the regular joe, or you begin to see it at Walmart, then you know its time to move on.  
For the moment, we’ll enjoy its debut and be prepared for next year when they announce that the color is LIME GREEN.  We can’t wait.