A Great British Brand: New Look Required

Aquascutum is a great British Brand…and its now being sold again to another conglomerate who will bring the brand up to its biggest competitor, BURBERRY. 
Watching this transformation over the next few years will be interesting as the brand itself suffers identity, lack of vision, and a pronounced lack of interest from the buyers they need the most:  young, hip, luxury buyers who are buying the history, craftsmanship, luxury materials and don’t want to look like their mothers.  The raincoat, the product that re-launched Burberry is a good bet to do the same for Aquascutum. Using digital campaigns will also be critical for them to revive their brand as well.  We’ll keep watch and keep you posted as the story continues…

NOTE:  Jaeger-owner Harold Tillman and former Jaeger chief executive Belinda Earl bought luxury British heritage brand Aquascutum from its Japanese owner Renown in 2009.