Summer Has Begun: Official Stylste Privee Shoe

We can’t blame the boho “chicsters” in Paris.  They’re all in love with Walter Steiger and can you blame them?  The shoe salon over on the Rue Matignon is  filled with delightful and dangerous shoes just like this one.  Sure, we see the delicate flowers and creamy dreamy leather; but the heels don’t fool us. They’re pure STEIGER and he’s up to his tricks again in offering a shoe that has a look of desperate discomfort. Still, we hear that the Steiger’s girls swear by them.

A  uniquely engineered heel is what makes the shoe. The shoes actually lace up like school girl gillies and have an open toe for matching Blue Toe Polish. With cotton bobby sox, a red leather mini and a creme raincoat topper, you’ll  have the look of dangerous schoolgirl!  So, welcome Summer and have some fun, as Monsieur Steiger would wish you to!