Paris When it Sizzles: Lingerie and Swimwear Report

Paris  Lingerie Show
When the French gather to celebrate one of their most famous fashion industries, they party like it’s 1879. At the historic Rothschild property in Paris’ 8th district, the smashing “White and Gold” opening party was a great success with champagne flowing, beneath crystal chandeliers, trays of passed delicacies and the grand park littered with plastic party bubble that bounced all night. The Rothschild property, once a palatial home, now serves as an elegant and ultimate party location.
The next day, we mingled with buyers from all over the world who shop for lingerie and swimwear from Brazil, Asia, France, Germany, Italy and the U.S. The biggest trends are hot color concepts, vintage inspirations inspired by “Marilyn Monroe” who seemed to be present throughout the show. Swimwear also had a decided “Marilyn” vibe with higher cut bottoms and tops that were styled for generous bust lines. Bikinis from Brazil are always a favorite, and they were shown in a variety of styles ranging from metallics, ethnic prints, hot neons and the tropical color palette that we have come to expect from the world’s hottest beaches. The aging population of 35-55 year olds can look forward to sexy one pieces, too.  These have improved over the years, with tummy tightening cuts, bust building tops and even fabrics that “add” collagen to the skin of the wearer.
The secrets of lingerie, designed and created by the French has a grand tradition, but it had certainly become an industry of mass market companies. But one company will be providing something new, AUBADE, a venerable French name will set up a couture shop in Paris, to reach this very particular customer. As the demand for luxury lingerie catches on,  the idea of a lingerie line that harkens back to  a more “couture” approach is a new trend in the market.  We couldn’t end this article without mentioning that there were two distinct companies from England who were also stand-outs at the show:  Lucile, of London, a line that has been taken up by the grand daughter of a famous Lingerie/Couture Designer from the beginning of the 20th century:  Lady Duff Gordan.  For those of you who don’t know, her famous “Maison Lucile” was indeed the bespoke lingerie house to the Kings, Queens, and infamous beauties of her day.  With new looks that are based on these historic ladies, the line stands out in this upper luxury category.
Look forward to some exciting new lingerie styles, bathing suits and cover ups that will be inspiring even the most shy of us, to get out and find a beach.