Postcard from Paris: Fall 2012

Hello to all our readers at Stylist Privee (all of you bohemian shoppers) with over 3,000 page views in the past few fashion seasons, we are going to announce soon our new Editorial Focus for Fall 2012! 

We’ve just been to Paris and saw the shows, the shoes, the underthings, the shop windows and the places to get things you didn’t know existed until now…and we’ll also be sharing with you all our secrets to shopping in this gorgeous city. Why confessions, and why bohemian?  

A true bohemian in Paris has great style, finds it in unique places and adds a dash of the artistique to create “C’est Magnifique” and becomes someone truly original.  We can’t tell you how to be an original, you’ll have to create that for yourself, but we can share the secrets of style only the truly “boho” shoppers know!

Stylist Privee,
“Confessions of a Bohemian Shopper”

Paris, France