I am dreaming of Shoes: Alejandro Ingelmo Spring 2013

Shoes are like dreams.  They come in many colors and shapes, and you can see a different one every day.  But some of them stay with you, and linger in  your mind.  That’s how I felt when I met Alejandro, in person, a shoe designer from New York.

He is a designer with a fresh feminine vision. The shoes are beautifully constructed in Italy and surprise, no platforms.  This is what Alejandro explained to me, that was critical for his designs.  He felt that the feminine and ladylike shoe was about a sculptured heel, elegant foot that is part of a shorter and more pointed toe.  Very classic shapes that are highlighted by the boomerang shape, an inspiration for the designer for this season. Alejandro is dedicated to the feminine and flirty woman, and these shoes express his vision.
I tried on the shoes, and they were very comfortable, the angle support, the curve of the heel were easy to walk in for that special occasion dress or just with your jeans or if you like the skinny rocker leather legging, there was really no limit as the shoes work with just about anything. Here in Southern California, you could wear these pumps poolside with your designer swimsuit.
Of course, the leathers are scrumptious, with suedes that melt like butter, and the stitching is literally, flawless. I took a photo of the pump from several angles, and they look beautiful from the back as well as the front, the true test for a good shoe designer.  He has thought of everything, so just slip them on go.  The only warning I have for you, is make sure you’re accompanied by a body guard. These shoes are positively dangerous.   Here are the photos of my favorites, and like all beautiful dreams, I promise these will stay with you.

The website for the designer is very easy to shop on and gives you a more complete display of his beautiful collections.