Fashion Exhibit: The Art From of the Classic French Couture

Here’s just a few moments of French couture displayed recently at the Hotel de Ville, showing once again that Paris is the capital of fashion.  Sheer beauty, extraordinary details and historic significance is part of what this exhibit is all about. The history of Paris Fashion is really more than luxury goods; everyone  thinks Paris as a giant luxury mall but this obscures what is important about this city and its fashion history. The personalities in fashion, the creators, are really what is so unique about Paris. The creators, along with the individuals who are sewing and beading each piece,  though are long gone, are still with us through the sheer beauty, passion and vision of these designs.

Alas, the exhibit is ending but many of us are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Paris Fashion Museum, closed in 2011 for re-construction.

Pictured here are:  Jean Patou, Vionnet, Carven