Lingerie for Your Skin: Black Lace Jewelry

Inspired by the stories of powerful and mysterious women, Mary Anne Richman and graphic arts designer Bonni Katzman together have made wearing tattoos easy and chic.  “Body Jewelry”  is the new category in the accessories industry that makes adorning yourself a fun experience with super elegant results.  The designs are applied easily with water and easy to remove so they are perfect for special events or weddings.  The velvet matte finish designs conjure up mystery and allure and sparkle with Swaroski crystals.  The metallic silver and gold designs are so lovely they glitter in the light of the nightclub or evening out in a restaurant so the possibilities are endless. You didn’t hear this from us, but we think that hiding one of these in secret place will also make that private moment with your significant other just a little more inspiring.  That’s what the wearing of Body jewelry is all about.  Just go to the website and pick your favorite designs.  Black Lace Jewelry Photo