The Whole World is Happier with ESSIE Nailpolish: Fall Winter Collections – 2014

ESSIE colors the World with Joy: Fall & Winter Collections

I am always so happy to find an ESSIE color that matches one of my moods. With all the colors stretched out before me like a grown-up paint box and I can’t wait to discover something new.  Not only have the formulas stood the test of time and use by hundreds of professionals around the world, but ESSIE herself, the founder, is very dedicated to women’s causes and has established herself as one of the trendsetters in the nail industry.  Her constant revision of her collection to reflect seasons, runway shows, moods, celebrations or a celebrity that she feels touches the cultural vibe of the time.  The ease with which many nail salons have used this product to reach their customers is also a testament to how well these polishes and treatment products support the idea of gorgeous manicures for all.  It’s very democratic and touches every woman’s inner child in a good way.  At a recent press event, I was happy to see how many different personal styles were in the room and how an ESSIE POLISH COLOR reflected each and every woman there.  Lately I have been taking colors and mixing them to create my own custom color so this is also possible with the range of options in her collections.  I have created the perfect “Nude” for my skin tone with a mixture of “Mademoiselle” and “Limoscene” one coat each plus topcoat. Perfection!  Like every girl I have my favorites I have used for years, so don’t let me digress here, or that will be an entire paragraph; I have colors I associate with important moments in my life, special events or even a romance. I am sure you to have that perfect color that reflects a moment in your life so please share!

ESSIE truly takes color and trends and a wear-ever formula to spread around the idea of beauty and happiness for everyone, everywhere. Now, I can’t think of a better world to be in then that, can you?

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