Paris Style Update: Street Photos

With the ‘Selfie’ reaching its pinnacle at the 2014 Oscars its no wonder that the cult of street photos and “fashionfabs” who frequent the shows reached epic heights this past season. The characters flocked like stylish birds to the halls and entrances of fashion shows. What might have started as a lark years ago has now become a high art for some. They arrive in their finery hoping for fame and even fortune that is now part of our rapacious digital culture. One snap and a million people can share in your stylish fantasies. In all fairness to the few who are simply living a stylish life, we couldn’t resist sharing those too. It was a sunny day outside Issye Miyake and birds of a feather flocked to be part of it.

Here are a few we discovered at this fall’s collections.

Note: photos by Paris Art & Design School Student Julie V.IMG_2442.JPG