Left Bank Luxury: Hayari Paris Opens Luxury Accessories Boutique

A new boutique has arrived on the Left Bank in Saint Germain de Pres.   Hayari Paris has taken up residence in a petite shop just inside the “Courts de Commerce”.  It is told that revolutionaries lived in the same building right above plotting to overthrow the monarchy. Ironic, yes,  as the boutique is the very image of a petite room in the Petite Trianon, a small palace once presided over by Marie Antoinette.  As you enter the alleyway and walk the deep cobblestones, you realize you are stepping on the stones that date back to the 1700s in Paris, so wear comfortable shoes when you do this little journey.  The shop itself is a historic location that dates back to the revolutionary period in Paris. The room upstairs is said to have been occupied by Danton, himself, a celebrity of the Revolutionary period.

Hayari Paris is the creation of couture designer Nabil Hayari who began his dream with designs for evening and wedding gowns first as a designer for another bridal company. After his smashing success there he decided to strke out on his own.  In just a few short fashion years he has already dressed celebrities who have graced the Academy Awards Red Carpet, Cannes, Monaco and carpets around the world. His Annual fashion show in Moscow is a fan favorite and where he debuts his collections for the year.  With an eye for the luxurious and the knowledge of the perfect feminine shapes,  they are a symphony of sheer and sexy. He always has an eye for exquisite beaded details that sparkle on the surface of each gown and is known for adding  a few crystals or two (that’s an understatement).   The new boutique is much like a musical jewel box and created to look like a “petite chambre” in one of Marie Antoinette’s palaces.  The interior is white and gold and fashioned like a little cabinet of delights. The shop opened with tunes from the Jazz era of the 1920’s exclusively by Harry Warren, “King of the Hits” of the 20th century (and still is, today).  The perfume collection started with one original fragrance “Only for Her” and has grown to a “Trio”.  Two new men’s fragrances just launched this year and are also available also “Only for Him” the companion fragrance and “Paradise de l’Homme”. To round out the boutique offerings Monsieur Hayari has chosen a selection of glittering accessories and will shortly launch a handbag line as well.  Crafted of unique leathers they will be a welcome companion to the red carpet gowns and evening wear he creates.  The shop is the perfect stop for the holidays as is the entire area.

If you are in Paris, a visit to the “Cours de Commerce” is a must see as you will enjoy both restaurants cafes, bookstores and a host of delights.  The entrance is located on the Boulevard Saint Germain and from the ODEON metro station stop.