GRAMMY’s FASHION: Ho Hum with A Few WOW’s

The Grammys are always full of fashion faux pas and delightful over-the-top fun but something went wrong this year and everyone decided to be a bit too serious as if it was the “OSCARAMMIES”. Hey, people, this is where the best bad taste moments happen and I feel like this year I was cheated-there were just too many girls who thought they were either at the prom or the Golden Globes. Helooooo, please people – where is the leather, whips, crazy bird outfits and well, Madonna? Oh, well she was there dressed as a Matador but it was just the pre-show and didn’t qualify as a fashion statement. The only people who saved the day were the Red Carpet Regulars – The Kardashian, The Paris, The Gaga, and Rhianna making the art of the Branding Show at its best. Who could forget Katy Perry who shows up the perfect outfit to be the Glynda of Candyland ? She is always good for a pop-candy world view and we love her for it! Some of the girls thought they were at the Prom so that’s to be expected but there there were a few fun surprises and then, not. The Grammys usually offer me a fashion vacation but this year they got too serious about themselves and well, I lost that lovin’ feelling. A special note to the guys, however, who in fact were out in force in the best red carpet outfits ever for the guys. Yeah, its a whole new world of Men’s fashion and I can’t for the New York Fashion Week that will launch this summer. The boys, are back, in town.






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