Hollywood Lips: The Road to Red Perfection

“I have searched the world for the perfect red” is one of my favorite quotes by Dianna Vreeland who herself was the Queen of Red. In my search for the perfect red lip a look at the legacy of the Hollywood Red was required. There is the Marilyn, the Liz, the Veronica, the Kim, the Scarlet, the Reese and now, the “Moi” with the help of my guru, Bobby Brown.

The perfect red lip has been created by Bobby Brown who has taken the elements of a lipstick and a pencil to put it into an “art stick” that is easy and simple to apply. My choice of color, “Harlow Red” of course. There are alot of beautiful red lipsticks out there and I have tried them all. What I love about these crayons is that they are easy to apply, can be glossed over or worn matte. You can also use the art crayons as a liner as well. The formula is easy to sharpen with the included sharpener and the price is well, super easy on the budget. Of course, you can spend more, but why when this artful crayon makes your lips perfect for your Hollywood close-up. Mr. De Mille,  I am ready.