HOW TO:  Get Boho Hair

Our new Spring series on HOW TO GET starts with the new trend in BOHO HAIR for the Spring Season. No matter what the length of your hair, you can get the BOHO hippie look with just a few simple twists and some large pins and clips.  After you let perform all the steps,  tune into your Pandora or itunes and set up your Joni Mitchell radio station, then you’ll have the real soundtrack for your boho look. 

Here Are the steps: Wash and lightly dry your hair leaving it damp.  Spray a hair product into it that is a liglht liquid spray, a mist is usually the best. 

  1. Divide your Hair into sections from Front to Back. It works best if you take front left/right sections and twist and pin, then left/right rear sections. 
  2. Pin each section in a twist  and secure with a pin. 
  3. Allow the sections to dry naturally, or if you are in a hurry,  take a blow dryer and dry with cool air. 
  4. Allow the twists to set 15 minutes.  Remove the pins. 
  5. Blow out the curls gently to separate them a bit. 
  6. Run your fingers through the roots with some wax or pommade to separate the strands.
  7. For added curls and a dressier look, take a curling iron and turn around just the ends, gently and spray them with a medium hold spray.