Hair, There, Everywhere:  Hair Trends for Spring 2015

Here is the Spring Report on Hairstyles for the season 2015:  Beautiful, Lovely,  Boho, Punk, Straight or Curley and just plain gorgeous are the words for this season.  Hair decorations, head bands, hats, clips, flowers and anything that reminds you of your recent visit to the music festival is all on trend now.  There are Refined bobs, sleek ponytails; Cropped or waved shoulder length; Colored with shades of unique multi-tones or graduated colors. “Bohemian Festival Hair” that is informal or Hair that screams “I’m easy” or “don’t touch me”,  or perhaps “I am difficult”  or “I just returned from Paris”  hair.  There are no excuses as you can get each of these looks with just the flick of a blow dryer, some products and a great colorist on your hair roster. Some of us even take out a paintbrush and do it at home, late at night with the rock music playing.  We love a blow out but this season, it’s all about the last minute, gorgeous hair that everyone can discover for their own personalized look with just an air dry, some product and perhaps a curling iron to get the kinks out.  Un-fussy, random and just plain good quality hair that can be created with extensions, pieces or just letting your last year’s bob grow out, is where hair is going now.

So, go ahead, have a great hair day, everyone!