Met Gala: Red Carpet Report 2015

When the dust settles on the Met Gala this year, all will agree that some fashion boundaries were crossed and some celebrities should have checked their rear view mirrors before leaving their hotels. But a gold star for extraordinary efforts should go to many who appeared.  Among them, Rhianna, for her now legendary yellow ensemble, for Beyoncé for bringing us up to speed on transparency as well as Ms. Kardashian. Jennifer Lopez also in the same club should have added just a few more spangles in some  of places east and west of center. The energy and fun of the evening was expressed through the many interpretations of the theme “Chinoiserie” and Sara Jessica Parker led the way with her headdress of showgirl proportions.  Anna Wintour and other solid citizens showed us that style indeed is ageless. 

Many wore the imperial red and gold like Reese and Ann Hathaway while Ivanka Trump wore blue and white Resembling a Chinese vase.  The chic fashionable were dressed in simplicity itself.  The beauty looks seen on the carpet stretched the boundaries of glamour and hairstyles ranged from the exotic to the chic and simple.  Our favorite minimalist girls like Sienna Miller and Dianne Krueger keep us up to speed on the world of the blondes.  Jennifer Lawrence went from an updo to beach waves in one evening. Our favorite rich redheads were always on point showing us that red is not, dead. Here are some of our hits and misses from a spectacular fashion night out.