Cannes Style: Glamorous & Casual 

Cannes is just about over but the images of casual hairstyles mixed with drop dead glamour tell a story.  The focus on a beautiful gown and jewels in our favorite looks was always accompanies by almost casual beach hairstyles.  A bit of formality may have been added with some product or a toss of the curling iron, but hairstyles were really about setting off the gowns.  Many opted out by  slicking back their hair into sleek beach chignon or tossing waves of shoulder length hair to one side.  Huge hair was reserved for some girls but it almost seemed out of date.  Gorgeous color  or a layered cut was the key to a style and just a simple use of product made healthy hairstyles shine against a glamorous beach environment.  That is really the key to the Cannes look:  you are just one step away from the beach.  If you overdo it, you just are out of place.  Here are our favorite looks from the night at AMFAR the best event at the festival.  A few looks from the red carpet we include as examples of a great balance between a hair and gown look.  Short or long, dark or light the girls really looked great.  Bravo!