Stuck in a Hair Decade? Help is on the Way…


Madonna is the master of updating and here she is pictured at the Met Ball with her classic blonde and dark roots she invented in the 1980s.

What decade is your hair? Remember the hair bands in the 80s or Woodstock or the 90s Brittany concert? Is your hair still looking like a “Friends” episode or perhaps Kramer’s hair on Seinfeld ?  Whatever your choice,  it’s clear you are stuck in a hair decade and you can’t get out.  But don’t worry, there is help for you.

First, take some selfies. Stand back and take a look.  Good?  Shocking? Forgettable ?  Don’t’ worry, help is near! You are probably wondering….OMG, am I stuck?  Perhaps you your hair is reflecting your distant past or a happier time, not the  ‘here and now’.  You may even think your style looks good on you.  Maybe your friends have been afraid to break it to you,  but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How to improve your hairstyle (and maybe your life)

  • Pick an icon from the past year from a red carpet photo
  • Choose an Ad campaign such as Ralph Lauren or another brand you like.
  • Collect 3 images of the icon:  Beyoncé, Katy, Madonna, etc. 
  • Choose a style perfect for the season (spring/ summer) long or short
  • Pick a hair color that echoes the mood of your favorite photos (blonde, brunette, redhead, multi-tones)
  • Save a few photos you like. Share them with a friend to see their reactions. 
  • Research your favorite Salon or friend at the hair academy.

Now, be prepared for a transformation.  We promise your life will change, you’ll have a whole new outlook and yes, even dogs and children in the street will like you better.  You’ll have extraordinary good luck in Vegas and maybe even get a promotion at work.  One thing we know for sure, is that a good hairstyle  and color is transformative. 

So, go ahead and take a chance….try something new and become an even better you!

Hollywood Mistress of Style

Pikke Allen