Glamour Primer:  Best of the Reds: Tips for your Real Life Brand from the Red Carpet

We all love a “dream dress” and who doesn’t want to get that hairstyle look created by the best of the best hairstyle created by a star or celebrity Glam Squad. The red carpet is really like a live fashion magazine.  Its  worth taking a look not only for fun, but to get some tips from the experts for your real life, as a professional woman where you have more pressure than ever to look the part, so why not learn from the best?

 Here are 10 red Carpet rules to live and learn by:

  1. Do use a pro stylist at a blow dry bar to ensure hair perfection when you need to.
  2. Test your make up base with a cell phone camera for color, lighting and to be sure you are not looking dead.
  3. Do plan your outfit and use a department store shopping service to help you if you can’t afford a stylist.
  4. Employ the services of an alterations expert or your clothes will never look professionally fitted.
  5. Use a hair colorist to consult with your color to be sure it is healthy and professionally done.
  6. Never try in a dress without a pair of heels or correct undergarments (carry a pair when shopping)
  7. Bring a girlfriend along who is positive support, not your worst critic.
  8. Glasses are a fashion statement:  Please get good ones that don’t mess up your face.
  9. Business and Date Attire can cross pollinate: Take an extra pair of shoes, a red lipstick and perfume for evenings.
  10. Review, Refresh and Renew: Yes, it is really just what it says – don’t stick to things too long, always be evolving. Madonna does it, and so does Oprah, Martha and all other great brands.  Why shouldn’t you?

Be Simple, Be Chic, Be Extraordinary, and be inspired.  Now, go out and be ready for your close-up! IMG_0019IMG_0020IMG_0033IMG_0006IMG_0005IMG_0039