World of Wearables: Trends for 2015

Let’s start here:  The business of wearable Technology has taken off quickly from its inception, with many large athletic companies jumping into the space. Let’s just begin with a definition: what are wearables?

See the unique SWAROVSKI wearble in this video….


“Wearable technology, wearables, fashionable technology, wearable devices, tech togs, or fashion electronics are clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies. The designs often incorporate practical functions and features, but may also have a purely critical or aesthetic agenda.” (Wikipedia)

The Nature of Wearables

First of all, once you understand the nature of the “wearable” then its easy to figure out what really works for you and your lifestyle.  Creatives are trying to figure out what people want to use, how they can help humanity with diagnostic tools, and what is appealing to people, as a fashion item.  There is a double edged sword when it comes to data, too.  How much do people really want to share? Where does the data live and what systems do we have to offer protections, and finally are we building the chicken before the egg?

Wearables that are Winners

Trends in wearables are more than just another watch or fitbit type of accessory.  The new wearables will have integrated technology that is right inside your yoga tank top to measure your heart rate.  The folks at DUPONT have created a flexible, printable strip that is fully sensitive to your heart rate and can be integrated into the latest yoga wear. Your  blood oxygen levels, body temperature, and more.  These wearable  are also fully washable for at leaste 100 wash cycles.  The implications of a diagnostic tool like this are extraordinary; the future of wearables will be found in that 100 wash cycles for the average person or a troop of soldiers in the desert.

The University of North Carolina is also a R&D leader in wearables and with students and a full program, they are fast joining into the wearables game with the help of the government and the National Science Foundation.  They are focusing on a number of topics, especially battery power using the human body’s own energy, to convert body heat into a power source.

Flip Belt:  A wearable that is well, easy to wear.  This cool little stretch belt is built on the idea that your mobile phone, and all its diagnostic apps, music and some extra cash is all the wearable you will need.  So comfortable is this little waistband that its already starting a revolution.  It works like a portable waistband, with an open envelop slot for your cell phone and a hook for your keys or money clip or ID and all within reach.  It comes in a few cool colors, but of course we love the black which makes our waist look even smaller (gotta love that). (

Misfit: A wearable that is well, fashionable is the key to this company’s foray into the mix.  A recent partnership with Swarovski has also made them luxurious, fun and well, a bit sparkling as well. A host of styles for the urban warrior and the upscale Eastsider as well.  Their flagship store is in Manhatten, where monitoring your bloood pressure is probably pretty key to exisiting there. image image image image image(