Banish the Bridget Jones Moment: Sexy New Spanx Transform Your Shaping “Inner-Outerwear”

Yes, we know: who would have imagined the new and sexy spanx for your date night would be (ahem) much sexier than its predecessor famous in the film “Bridget Jone’s Diary. Whoa, and wait until you see the new beauties coming out for the Fall/Holidays and for Spring 2016.  I was able to preview the new collections at their recent presentation at MAGIC, VEGAS. 

“The Tank Top” that shapes you inside and out – taking a black tank top and making it really work for you, is part of the new campaign at Spanx to be more “see it outside” and “fix the inside” sort of approach. The new date night “body suit” that shapes in black lace or also in white lace is already making worldwide headlines as a girl’s way to “avoid” that Bridget moment when your cocktail dress or office ensembles slides to the floor and it reveals pin-up style body suit just like Betty Grable or Lana Turner, the 1940s Screen Sirens. Bras that banish back flab and underwear with a lace shaping that covers the cheeks in delightful lace, the “undie-tectables”.  Well, its all part of that new and improved you!

Now, the Spanx jeans made headlines last year, and the new ones are even more fabulous –  as they are not only on trend, but have the secrets off inner/outer shaping built right inside. The engineering of the jeans is designed to flatten you, banish muffin top, and shape your backside. What more could a girl want?  (except of course, a man who takes out the garbage, and says “you got it, honey”) 
The secret of Spanx was always that it was more than just shapewear; the founder is active in supporting women around the world making her company a true benefit to you and others. 

I hope you will all go online or to your nearest store to try them on. (Wardrobe Mistress Note:  they did not gift me with a spanx item nor pay me to say this, this is wardrobe mistress advice!) so ladies, there is no excuse for ugly shapers anymore! 

Here is hoping you have your romantic SPANX moment, with champagne and a bow on top!

Spanx Facts: Over 36,000 body-shapers are manufactured each day. (*in their own words)

To date, more than 5.4 million Spanx Power Panties have been sold worldwide – when Oprah announced she’d ‘given up panties’ and only wore Spanx, more than 20,000 pairs were sold that day alone.

Founded in 2000, Spanx is headquartered in Atlanta. During the eight-hour manufacturing process of Spanx hosiery products, more than 40 women touch each pair – now that’s love for you!

After kickstarting a shapewear revolution, the company now makes more than 200 figure-fixing products – from back-fat busting bras to bottom-boosting bodysuits