Top 10 Tips on Being a Manly Man

Gentleman, history has shown that the true “MANLY MAN” is in a class by himself. What is the definition of this unique character from top to toe? 
A Manly Man always has well groomed hair and beard.  

A Manly Man prefers a good shower and shave with a dash of cologne. 

A Manly Man wears a Dress Shirt when required with a Tie, Optional.

A Manly Man likes a well-fitted suit from his local tailor

A Manly Man is all about Comfort but never at the Expense of Style.

A Manly Man prefers his Scotch, neat and his Bourbon, aged. 

A Manly Man knows how to give compliments to those who deserve it. 

A Manly Man is a good conversationalist and avid reader. 

A Manly Man is a Romantic at Heart and knows how to cherish the moment. 

A Manly Man seeks to make the world a better place. 
Editor’s Note:   Photo of our featured Manly Man from the Showtime series.  


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