Icon of Style: Iris Says it All

Iris Apfel, fashion icon, unique style maven and fashion collector knows what it takes to be a style icon.  Her greatest advice has to do with being curious, humorous, eclectic and above all, passionate about the next great piece.  Her look could hail from the streets of Harlem to the inside world of a couture.  Iris is what fashion might call, a “rare bird” and her work as a textile artist, curator and creator is legendary.  Her reproduction period fabrics that were carefully woven to match the originals, so museum perfect that Jackie Kennedy came calling for her to update and recreate history in the White House.   Her clothes have been shown at the Metropolitan Museum,  traveled across country to various museums, with the bulk of her collections to reach their final resting place at a museum.  Aside from being a huge icon in the New York fashion world, Iris is busy with a collection at HSN, Bergdorf Goodman jetting from interview to interview.  A recent documentary brings you backstage with her daily life that would be exhausting for anyone, let alone a 90 year old. 

The world awaits her witty style, humorous take on fashion and endless stream of creativity.  Here is our take on her style in a few bullet points for you fashion-divas to take notes: 

  • Stack Like-minded bracelets to create a mood
  • Texture, Depth and Variation is how to build a look
  • Color is what reminds you that everything is alive
  • A great piece can come from anywhere
  • Be individual, and Have no Fear with your personal style
  • Be Authentic, Develop and Create Your Signature Look
  • Pretty does not get you anywhere, but True Style does
  • Patterns and Colors when mixed, can be shaken, and stirred
  • Inspiration comes from everywhere, so take a look around you
  • Couture Designers inspire, and can be liberally mixed with your own style