Fashion & Fantasy:  Photography is a Wonderland

Sometimes you see an image that simply stops you in your tracks and makes you wonder or marvel at its perfections. Perhaps its a celebrity story behind the moment captured in film. Or, perhaps the sheer presence of a unique face or individual demands your attention. The image, is arresting.  In today’s saturated world there are some images that simply rise above all others.  In the case of Kirsty Mitchell, art photographer, the doorway to a magical land of imagination, beauty and elegance has been opened. Her new book, a sequel to the original, is now for sale at her website (

We can’t wait to delve into the lush world of Kirsty’s creation that brings the art of fashion, beauty, design and conceptual photography to its ultimate level. 

Enjoy, and share in the magic of “Wonderland” by going to her website to explore this unique vision.