1920’s Style: Miss Fisher Mysteries

Ultra Chic 1920’s Style in the PBS Mysteries series “Miss Fisher” where the world of the Roaring Twenties in Australia is in full velvets and beadings.  The world of Miss Fisher is one of mysterious crimes, unique characters, glittering interiors and beautiful scenery of the Australian outback. But wait, there’s more.  The costume designs for the show are filled with beautiful details, luxurious surfaces, beading, furs, and millinery designs.  The unique part of these costumes is that they are very good at telling the story of the scenes as well as the strong and willful character of the lead, Miss Fisher.  This delicate balance of story vs. character is what a good costume designer can do for a show.  We also love the details that we think are timeless:

  • Beaded details
  • Fur Trim
  • Velvets
  • Fur Trims
  • Accessories

Take a look at the show on PBS.com for schedule, and join the club of fashion fanatics who adore this period and its expression of style and chic Art Deco flair.