The End of Anti-Aging: Call Out to the Beauty Industry.



No sooner than I had opened the plastic on my beauty bible,  ALLURE (Sept Issue) I literally breathed a sigh of relief:  FINALLY.  The ALLURE team had hit on something other places in the media had simply ignored:   AGE is gorgeous, empowering, stylish, health and yes, it happens to us all.  The beauty industry is always pushing us to “anti-age” to “look younger” to “fix stuff” about us as we age.  Well, there is not a gal among us who doesn’t want to looks great, refreshed, healthy and yes, even slightly less crinkly; but the constant emphasis on this part of our beauty regimes, is tiresome.  I am tired of 22 year old’s attacking me in the beauty aisles and instantly offering me a new miracle product that will change my life.  I like my life, just fine, thank you, and other than staying out of the sun and avoiding toxic stuff, well, that’s pretty much my regime.

Beauty does come from within, just in case those of you had forgotten during the throws  your INSTAGRAM addiction. DAME Helen Mirren,  who graces this month’s cover, shows us just how elegant, classy, talented and extraordinary our lives can be when we age.  Quite simply, she is the image of the sexiness of aging, doing it well and enjoying a life well lived.