DETOX BOX: Clean Up Your Beauty

“The Detox Box” is a program created by the DETOX MARKET and we think its the next best thing to going to the DETOX MARKET. Just today we went to the store in Santa Monica and discovered the next best thing in Mascara, Facial Oil and Eye Shadow. The drugstore brands had simply put my eyes into PUFFY LAND and my Mascaras (even the most luxurious) were beginning to irritate my eyes and eye area. I adore major designer products, and was paying top dollar for them and I was waking up with puffy eyes.  Not fun at all.  For the record, I do remove my mascara at the end of a long day, of course, but why should I be going through this torture?

Enter, the DETOX MARKET.  A quiet haven for the beauty possessed and the beauty stressed.  Then, I found out about THE BOX.  Whoa, a box of beauty de-stress?  Yikes, that’s something I can get behind!

What does the DETOX BOX do for you? I think for the first box, ($49.95) you can order this one and literally TRY everything. So, this gives you a chance to set aside your usual routines and experiment. Of course, the 3 series of boxes is even better, because you will be consistently trying and adapting NON TOXIC products.

What everyone says to me is: Will I like this product as much as what I am using? Well, I can say you may or may not like them all; however,  a box that arrives curated for you especially by the DETOX MARKET is a great place to start! Its like a birthday gift to myself, every month!  Cheers!