Cannes Film Festival: Honoring Women in Motion

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With the 70th Anniversary of Cannes, it is true that women still make up just a fraction of the industry both in front of an behind the camera. Stories written about women, films starring women and women directors are all under-represented in the industry worldwide. What better place to make this known than at CANNES? Jury President CATE BLANCHET, AVA DU VERNAY, KRISTEN STEWART, PATTY JENKINS all were present to bring attention to this fact. The #METOO movement certainly brought this to the attention of the world, but the sad fact is that women have been unequal partners in the industry for over 80 years, and this will no longer be so easy, so simply nor such an obvious fact without a fight, someone going down, and men all throughout the industry taking a pause. KERING, the large multi-faceted fashion entity has taken the step by initiating WOMEN IN MOTION. This unique platform has just begun, and it is a tribute to all the women who have hit the ashes of the industry.

The initiative is based on two pillars: Talks give major figures the opportunity to compare and contrast their experiences and viewpoints around the question of women’s contribution to cinema; and the two Women in Motion Awards are awarded each year to an inspiring figure, and to a young film industry professional”. (Kering Website)

Editor’s Note: I would like to also remind our readers that early in the industry, there were indeed women, who had positions that important in the early days of Hollywood. My research has uncovered writers, editors, producers, and directors in those early days, one of them my own Great Aunt Bessie Barriscale. She as a silent film star, very famous and also a film producer, an owner of her own production company. Only she, and Mary Pickford were able to achieve this at the time. But many women were part of the early industry at the time. Perhaps now, they can also be remembered, as the pioneers of the industry. I hope to be part of this unique movement. Watch this space.