Fast and Fascinator Furious: The Royal Wedding Hats

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What a great day for British industry, especially the hat industry. British elegance and tradition are all wrapped up on one moment when a woman steps out to a formal afternoon event in Britain. There is always a backstory that speaks, without words in the wearing of a hat in British society. I am going to attempt to interpret it so bear with me.

Starting with the hats that were barely hats, Carry Mulligan, wore a feathered headband in the style of “swan lake” pinned to the back of her head, a nice touch. Fergie, a surprise guest, showed up in a very strong hat statement, 3/4 style hat that said “I’m still here, people” style while Oprah wore her luxe “Sunday-go-to-Meeting” hat. The hat worn by the Lady Spencer, literally made her a foot taller, in a rather imposing deep purple color. This was a gentle reminder of who was who, at this wedding. The Duchess of Cambridge wore an elegant side-sweeping number that completed her outfit, as did her mother whose hat was a perfect match to her ensemble. They have entered and conquered the “Firm” in-house wardrobe style without a hitch. The newbies and oldies were certainly vying for attention as the “game of hats” continued for this royal event. Some of the hats were all out “attention grabbers” such as Prianka Chopra who was all in for some press attention with this one that was more drama than substance. I give that hat on a scale of a 1 to 10, about a “6” for attitude. All the hats celebrated decorations like veiling, flowers, “fripperies and foibles”to add that final witty touch to a dress. At this wedding, it is very clear who is “in and who is out” (just like America’s favorite fashion runway show) who is Brit, and Who isn’t. The hat, my dear, separates the fashion classes, most notably, “Best in Show” Amal Clooney’s hat which was a towering style success in its blending with the outfit she wore, designed by Stella McCartney.

A few sad notes; the “Beatrice and Eugenie” sisters (obviously soundly reprimanded for their previous “attention grabbers”) simply appeared in nothing more than headband and pillbox, the latter like a bad costume for an airplane movie. Another sad moment, was Victoria Beckham, who appeared to be arriving for a memorial service rather than a wedding wearing dark navy outfit with a hat that had little character or style. Happily, her husband David Beckham was cheerful, greeting fans as he entered the church. But the day, and this unique moment in history when the hat, and the bride, were the stars of the show.