Message in a Bottle: Kathryn Hammett Pioneer Fashion Disrupter

One of the fashion’s most unique and outspoken women, Kathryn Hammett was at one point running a huge business worldwide in the 1980s.  Her realization that her vendors, supply chain and suppliers were contributing to the pollution and labor issues of the industry, closed her business.  She realized that her contribution to this pollution was major and her one lone voice was the “canary in the coal mine”.

Her most famous “fashion statement” has been the political or socially topical t-shirt. if you are wearing a t-shirt that states your political or social views today, you have Kathryn Hammett to thank.  One of her most famous t-shirts she wore in a photograph with Margaret Thatcher (Pictured in the photo) that was a first version of a ‘viral photo’ that went worldwide. Kathryn Hammett was a pioneer in bringing socially responsible messages to her fashion platform.  She will no doubt be joined by the Duchess of Sussex, who wore recyclable trainers on her recent trip to New Zealand and promises to be a new voice that reaches a generation of people.

Many of people in the industry did not listen to her, didn’t care and as she has said, simply didn’t want to change the way they were doing business.  Now, she says that consumers demand it, and this is the only way that the industry will change its ways and move away from the practices.  One of her latest issues is the BREXIT movement which is now considered to be one of the most damaging issues for the fashion industry in Britain.  Kathryn is coming out with the latest t-shirt campaign about BREXIT and put her voice and influence into the political chorus of voices who are opposing the BREXIT. Kathryn is arming her t-shirt with new messages and continues to be a crusader for sustainability and environmental protection.  We say BRAVO to a new world that must be demanded of by the consumer so when you buy clothes now, will you be a contributor or a disrupter?

(*our thanks to the BOF fashion interview with Kathryn Hammett which you can access at the BOF website for free to hear her interview).

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