Hideous Joys of Hallmark Channel Holiday Fashion and the secret sauce.

Second only to the popularity of the HALLMARK Channel’s Holiday Line up, the fashion is a throwback to a simpler time and created uniquely to mimic a holiday card or family photos. Production values have improved and certainly there is more attention paid to the fashions of the stars and leading actors in the shows. Trendy, is not quite the vibe here; its more like HOLIDAY COMFIE with a dash of all American chic, but not quite of the RALPH LAUREN variety. Both the ladies and gentlemen of the HALLMARK holiday line up can somehow manage to wear those sweaters we all consider laughable with their graphic patterns or colors, even better than the celebs who try to get in on the act. (see photos pulled from the internet of some celebs who are trying) that the rest of us can’t quite pull off.

Let’s face it, in these times of daily stress and hideous stories of fire, famine and floods, somehow a Hallmark Movie just reminds us of a gentler time. Small town America is always on display and at odds with Big URBAN cities (and the people who populate them). Where a country cabin stuffed with decorations and holiday cards, tree and “comfy” food is just the thing to cheer you up, HALLMARK CHANNEL films are “Holiday Cotton Candy” that literally give you a break from the news. This year finally, the narrow view of this world is opening up to a more diversified cast with both stars and story lines; I hope to report next year that the hunks will also be more representative and diverse.

The entire experience of a HALLMARK CHANNEL movie is also the product placement of both holiday decor, cards, gifts and tree that is all part of the HALLMARK CHANNEL experience that is wrapped up in subtle marketing (or not so subtle) that makes you wish you had every piece of greenery and tinsel.

The audience growth of the Channel is staggering in comparison to other outlets. What’s the secret? Fashion, is not important, though the characters seem to live in and enjoy their holiday outfits on a regular basis in each story. With a host of problems and family issues tied up in one hour and 25 minutes you are given a happy pill during these challenging times. So, go ahead an indulge; put on your happy sweater, sip that eggnog and get cozy under the fur throw and enjoy!