The Eyes Have it: Bespoke eyewear from Paris

What do these famous and fabulous people have in common? Their eyewear from MAISON BONNET of Paris.

When your eyes, indeed your entire face is your fortune that is one thing. When your face also needs a pair of glasses, that is something else. If you are in this situation, where your fame is dependent on recognition of your style, wit or enterprise, there is only one place to go. Maision Bonnet.

There are only three materials they work in: Buffalo Horn, Acetate and Tortoise Shell. These unique materials are all natural. The art of making eyewear is influenced by so many things: design, society, politics, business and these are all reflected in the people who have chosen to wear these glasses. Most of all, the business is about family, craftsmanship, beauty and the art and craft of the optician.

In Europe, the idea of a mass produced pair of glasses is a recent one. As you can imagine, this is not what MAISION BONNET is about. You can shop in the locations in Paris or London and receive a custom experience with a collection piece. Or, you can choose to have a piece made just for you. Each pair of glasses is carefully fitted to you in either case. Take a look at the gallery of famous faces who have trusted Maison Bonnet for their iconic style.

You can visit the shops in Paris and London and see their locations on their website: once Paris and London are open again.