The New House Keeping: Post 1950’s

You were a liberated girl who danced the night away at the clubs. Now stuck at home, you’ve gotta get some skills.  No worries, we here to help.  If you are balancing work and kids, this is indeed a challenge.   Many 1950’s housewives have given their all for this seminal moment in history.  Long forgotten skills are suddenly required.  Cleaning, cooking and laundry for starters.  Fellow home dwellers, are welcome to join.  Cheers! 

Kitchen Angels:  Dinner in a Snap with Minimal Preparation

  • The Crock Pot:  How can You count the ways this Makes dinner so easy? Millions of ways and the cookbooks that show you the way are also easy.  Dinner in a Snap.
  • Fondue Pots:  A huge hit in the 70’s with the Me Generation its still a delicious way to entertain at home.  Even with just You Plus One.
  • Delicious Stews are an easy dinner with just some soup stock, cut meats and vegetables with a dash of spices.
  • Cupcakes are a 1950’s treat that has risen in stature.  Get on the cupcake train with this easy recipe book and get your Pink Coconut Frosting, On.

Home Laundry:  Make it a SNAP

Bunnies be Gone:  Dusting Technology

What’s a girl to do?  Start cleaning up and cooking, of course. But don’t worry, skills gained in this extraordinary time will be useful forever.  Your personal style will improve as you dance about the house dusting and crock-potting with ease.  We await your report and of course, let us know about any recipes that worked for you.

Cheers! The 1950’s New Homekeeping Team


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