Fashion Girl Flix: Top 10 Favorites

Inspiring.  Addictive. Delicious and Subtle in their Gossipy conversations.  Yes, between the lines the world of fashion comes out in this list of films about the front and back of house in the world of couture fashion. 

The world of fashion films is not created equal.  There are many fashion films but few that rate on our scale for the true fashion expert.    Here is our list: 

  • Battle at Versailles:  This film documents the unique moment in time when American Fashion brought the House down in Paris.  Plenty of recollections by those who saw this seminal moment in fashion history.  The Palace of Versailles is also in full view, before the French government began its restorations.
  • Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s: This is a loving tribute to one of America’s most iconic department store.  Tales from the dressing rooms, shoe salons and one girls ultimate desire to be enshrined there forever.  A tale of a retail store that is so much more.
  • DRIES:  A backstage and onstage documentary film that had unlimited access to the working processes of one of the world’s most unique fashion designers.  Artist, Futurist, Creator, DRIES shows you the man and his work, life and mythology.
  • YSL Sketches: Sketches, come to life for the fashion student. The highlight is how you are taken into the back rooms of his Foundation to see the  unique archive of a life’s work.  The commentary is provided by Monsieur Berge, himself.
  • Four Seasons at Dior: As the first look-see of the new designer at Dior, the first woman you will see M. Grazia Chiuri and her yearly schedule at DIOR. The backstage and runways of these seasonal shows will already be history.
  • Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel:  As a record of her importance to the Metropolitan Museum, and as a cultural icon.  A delicious recreation of her conversations and quotes. Students should know her. Fashionistas owe her.
  • McQueen: Legend. Provocateur. Genius.  If you were lucky enough to see this in premiere (as we did) the film is overwhelming. Beautiful. Dangerous. Elegant.  Sad.  That about sums it up.  A must see for fashion lovers.
  • Dior and I: (*English version) Watch the extraordinary disruptor Raf SIMONS take over DIOR and inject into the storied fashion house new vividness, verve and for LVMH, a triumph of popularity and success.  The mythology of DIOR is on full display so watch how it plays with a young designer who was a daring choice.
  • In Vogue, The Editor’s Eye: For magazine readers, those who are curious about backstage life at a major fashion magazine it is not really The Devil Wears Prada. However, Anna Wintour, the Queen, presides.  It would do to pay attention.
  • Marc Jacobs & Louise Vuitton: What happens when a uniquely talented artist takes over a storied French House? This is the film that digs deep into the Jacobs legend and his meteoric rise to literally revive an old fashion house, LVMH.  The birth of the artistic partnership: blending old and new is also the story here.

Editor’s Note: Photos taken by ARTIFICE and available by licensing.  Use without permission is strictly prohibited.